You have thought of a new kind of product….


You need to ask yourself three questions…


….is it NEW?

….does it WORK?

….is it YOURS?


These are the three things that have to be established before you can take it  forward. Our aim is to help you answer these questions.


Get in touch now for a free Technical Appraisal of your project in strictest confidence. This consists of a review of the concept: -is it a workable idea? -how ‘ambitious’ is it? and, -could we make it for you?


About PES Ltd

We research and develop new technology.

PES provides vital services to people with creative, inventive minds and who would like to see their innovative ideas and inventions turned into marketable products. It is a long way from an idea to a product and we aim to provide guidance and services for every step of the way. In the menu on the left you will find relevant information depending on your own situation and requirements. We have a flexible approach and can further tailor our services to suit your specific circumstances. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like further information. (Please note that many of our clients’ projects have to remain strictly confidential. Those displayed on this website are all with permission -most are patent pending or granted) Since we were established in 2000 we have provided our clients with a great variety of prototypes of their inventions and special-purpose devices. Our core activity has always been making and testing things.

What we offer you…

PES aims to provide two complementary services:

  • Firstly, the creation of special-purpose equipment at low cost;
  • Secondly, a complete technology management service to established businesses, inventors, and other entrepreneurs who want to turn their inventions into a commercial venture.


Sir Alan Sugar wrote in his column A Spoonful of Sugar (Daily Mirror, Thursday, April 13, 2001): “…It appears to me that you help in the development and making of prototypes. One of the most frequent questions asked of me is where to get prototypes and samples made and I am pleased to see that your small firm is ready and able to help people. I will certainly pass your name on to some past readers of my column…”

Clients’ feedback:

Here’s what some of our clients have said about us: “The drawings were excellent” (Mr Roy Allen, DIY tool invention, Dec 08, by letter) “Thanks so much for this extremely comprehensive report! Because there are some very similar items here, I’m going to look into how readily available they are before I decide what to do. Many thanks – an excellent service well worth the money!” (Mrs Clare Moss, cot bumper invention Nov 08, by email) “High standard of quality and workmanship” (Julie Lambert, Henley-on-Thames, Innovative shopping trolley invention) “I have been impressed with the service from start to end” (Jon Haley, London, Innovative Drinking Game invention) “Design/technical solutions used: excellent” (Stacey Tull, Essex, Innovative Baby Mattress invention ) “Great job on the prototype! it works as you described on the manual…..I am satisfied with the work and feel that we can proceed to the next phase in the development of the prototype” (Dr. Sipho Mgidlana, by email, innovative walking aid invention) “Thanks for the feasibility study and your comments. It was surprising and encouraging to find someone had already thought of the idea although slightly different ( I am not as daft as I thought). I take it that’s the end of the matter but I would like to thank-you for your professional way of dealing with the job at hand. I would not hesitate to use your services again” (Mr. Steven Park by email) “Thank you very much for a job well done” Peter Lewin, Jewelery Display project (letter)


The origin of innovation….”I am making everything new” (Revelations 21:5)